The Crossroads


The Crossroads is a moderately upscale bar found not far from the heart of downtown San Diego. Located at the corner of 10th and C, it has found a considerable amount of love from the locals and as such is busy almost every night. Converted from an old run down apartment unit, the bottom two floors were converted to be a bar, with the upper three floors still used as apartments. The bar spans two floors, with the bottom floor being accessible by the general public. The second floor is up a flight of stairs and is able to be rented out to private parties.


What Hunters know is that the second floor is always rented out, but the private party it is reserved for are Hunters in San Diego county. Sarah Walker (though many just call her Ma) tends the bar up here, leaving the downstairs bar for her employees to run. She also rents the rooms upstairs, letting new Hunters crash for a little while for free while they get established in the County. For those who wish to stay longer, she is happy to rent out the rooms which are all nicely furnished.

((Out of character note: The Crossroads is the primary In Character meeting area game will be run at. Game, however, is at Balboa Park. Don’t show up to game at 10th and C… we won’t be there.))

The Crossroads

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