Inspiration and Theme

The themes we will be exploring in this game are twofold. The first is the Human Element. At the end of the day, despite what may happen, you are a person. Just another of the faceless throng of humanity. But what makes you stand out is that you fight. Trying to fight a seemingly endless war. The second is Fear of the Unknown. There are all sorts of things that go bump in the night, and you probably have no idea what that thing that lurking down the street is.

As such, the only World of Darkness books we are using are as follows:

  • The core Mind’s Eye Theatre World of Darkness book (The Blue Book).
  • The core Hunter: The Vigil book
  • Compacts and Conspiracies (A H:tV sourcebook)

Beyond this, nothing else should be considered canonical.

To that end, we will not be running any variety of Lore system. Instead we have created an In Character Bestiary that you can add to as you see fit. Please share whatever rumors you see fit to, because you might not always know how to defeat certain foes. You may be able to learn certain amounts of knowledge based on back history, by talking to NPCs in the know, or by just finding out first hand.

Inspiration and Theme

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