Proprietor of The Crossroads



Age: 43
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown/blonde
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Weathered, slightly wrinkled

Ma (or ‘Sarah Walker’) has seen some shit.

Standing at about 5’7", the Union girl is fit and wiry. While the approach of age can be seen around her eyes and mouth, the 43 year old can unmistakably hold her own against younger hunters. Her brown hair is usually accented with red and blonde streaks and held back in a bandana. She certainly refuses to dress like someone approaching her 50’s, but there’s enough of a MILF in her that no one’s complaining. What’s more, anyone who tries to check her out can usually easily notice either a holster or the outline of brass knuckles and a pocket knife, which is usually an adequate deterrent.

OOC Tell: Denim vest


Ma has been in San Diego since the late 80s, and opened the Crossroads in 1986. Ever since then, the Crossroads has become a functional hub for all Hunter operations in San Diego. In its glory days, the Crossroads had a heavy enough staff that Ma (then Sarah Walker) could be out on the streets in the thick of it with the rest of the hunters. Since “throwing out her hip” (i.e., nearly dying) a few years back on a bad hunt, Ma has focused her attentions on improving the functionality and utility of the Crossroads, and leaves the action on the street to the rest of “her boys.”

And gender doesn’t matter.

You’re all “her boys.”

More recently, it’s been discovered that Ma’s ex husband is back in town, and it’s driving her up the wall. There’s a yearning for vengeance in the woman that lingers in noticeable tension on the air. There are rumors as to what he did, from cheating on her with another girl to abducting their own child, but Ma’s not really talking about any of it.


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