Kyo Miyamoto

Cunning Anthropologist



Kyo is a young man in his late twenties. He is Japanese-American with a strong Aino heritage reflected in his dark eyes, hair, and thick long beard. He works out a couple of times a week and it is just starting to show in his frame. He often has the tired and sleep deprived look. A clear sign of his work as an adjunct professor and social worker.

He dresses in clean yet slightly worn casual clothing. Though occasionally he will done a tie, oxford, and slacks if he has an important appointment.


Kyo is a second generation Japanese-American Immigrant. He is a social worker for San Diego County that does community outreach in its many Asian communities. He is also on the Board for the San Diego Tijuana Japanese Cultural Society, which sponsors the Annual Beer and Sake Festival, and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Balboa Park. Kyo works hard to help the local Asian communities of San Diego thrive and adjust to life in the urban sprawl that is San Diego. Most of his time he serves as a translator for newly arrived immigrants who need to settle in to their new lives in as he is fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese and various dialects.

By night however, he researches his library ancient texts left behind by his grandmother, Hibiki Hitagumi. The texts opened his eyes to truth of the monsters hidden in the shadows. Which lead him to take up his grandmother’s legacy, and nearly lead him to his death before he found fellowship among the scholars of the Loyalist of Thule. Kyo has been a member now for five years, the entirety of the time his Grandmother has been deceased.

He works hard to gather as much knowledge as he can to share and exchange with fellow hunters in San Diego, as he is now painfully aware of the true danger that lurks in the shadows. He has also taken a more serious interest in his kendo hobby, as his brush with death has left him feeling painfully mortal. Kyo follows in his ancestors footsteps and hopes one day to uncover the truth behind his grandmother’s death, which he now suspects was most certainly not of natural causes.

Kyo Miyamoto

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