Tech Expert / Compulsion Deprogrammer


Age: 27
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 160
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Very pale, freckled

Aside from being a little bit taller than average Ides doesn’t really stand out in a crowd. His head is usually obscured in a hood or by a knit cap, covering buzzed short black hair and dark green eyes. He usually has a set of high quality headphones set around his neck or ears and is never seen without at least a messenger bag containing his laptop.

Notable Equipment:
Messenger Bag

  • Laptop
  • Medical Kit
  • Cell Phone
  • Assorted Tech
  • Glowsticks
    Hard Case:
  • Desktop
  • Other Tech
  • Other, Other Tech

Anonymity 4: While the information below can be accessed or learned from Ides in game it is remarkably tough to find any reliable information on him. All such attempts receive a -4 penalty to each roll.
(Attempts to track him or discern information about him through his equipment face further, compounding penalties.)

Formerly from New York Ides was once an engineer and computer science student attempting to develop means for observing and recording psychics phenomena. He pursued his Master’s degree in upstate New York under the watchful eye of his a parapsychologist, Dr. Alice Parks, who dreamt of solidifying parapsychology as a concrete field of study. Unfortunately nothing substantial came of their efforts while he was in school.

A year after his graduation Ides was working as a digital security tech in NYC. His Research Professor emailed him about a fantastic discovery. Shortly afterwards that same professor was found dead in her laboratory and the data was labeled a suicide.

Ides left NYC to attend the funeral and look into the matter. Shortly afterward he vanished and remained missing for a number of years….

Six months ago he was found by Network Zero, deprogrammed, and accepted as a member. They assisted in relocating him to San Diego, but have remained largely hush on their reasoning.

  • * * * *
    Recent Events:

Ides is a Hacker. He does that very, very well.
He has gotten word out that he can supply equipment and hard to obtain items.
He also knows his way around physical security systems. Setting them up and/or bypassing them.

As he is recovering from mind-control trauma he sometimes has a tough time discerning authenticity of his wants and motivations.


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