Age: 22
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 170
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Slightly pale

Amanda is the Vigil served sunny side up. She’s usually smiling and pleasant, with bright (if intense) eyes and generally unkempt hair. She’s certainly on the shorter side of things, and tends to favor layers of clothing whenever possible. While not particularly chubby, Amanda is far from fit. She tends to favor hiding behind larger things (like most people) and gets wide-eyed and skittish easily.

OOC Tell: High ponytail and/or scarf.


Amanda first showed up on the scene with a friend at Natalie’s Welcome Back Colby party. She had no compact then, and as time went on gravitated into the Union and lost her friend.

On the famed night of Evil Karaoke, she turned out to be possessed by some Thing hunting Ides, sang a creepy ass song and promptly passed out. It was discovered that she’d been trapped in her own mind for over 24 hours following a dinner with her brother.

Shortly afterwards, Amanda got a job at the Crossroads as an upstairs bartender. Similarly ill-fated, in August a shapeshifter was found posing as her. Both underwent screening for identity verification, and a severely freaked Amanda emerged triumphant! Amanda 2.0 was apparently named Tim.


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