Alex "Alder" Park

Quiet Herbalist



Alder is a young man of half Korean and half mixed European descent. He is quiet and contemplative but friendly. His hair is constantly changing every few weeks or so, purple one month- might be bright green the next. When armed- it is often with a tai chi jian and a metal fan, though his fighting style is largely of his own design.


Alder, born Alexander Park, was born in San Diego. His mother came from a long like of traditional Korean healers/herbalists and his father was a doctor specializing in medical research. When Alder was young his father disappeared at the same time his grandmother was found murdered and numerous family heirlooms went missing. Convinced it was his father’s doing Alder grew up despising the man. Alder enjoys gardening and works with his mother and grandfather in the small herbalist shop the family owns. He is well versed in holistic medicine. He was brought into the world of Hunters after attempting to bring justice to the vampire who had been using his boyfriend as a meal source: a decision which left him indebted to the Loyalists of Thule.

Alex "Alder" Park

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